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MyKnowledge Management

UiTM Library has developed MyKnowledge Management (MyKM) system by collecting, managing and spreading knowledge information based on the reference materials produced by the authors and researchers from UiTM; as well as the whole world.

  • Collecting and managing knowledge through the provision of reference materials in various fields which are produced and published; either from inside or outside the university
  • Promoting the elemnet of knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing to improve the intellectualism among the university community
  • Empowering MyKM as a leading reference and reading in gaining knowledge based on research expertise and best practices

  • New Arrival
    Providing new material sources of the published references
  • Recommended Reading
    Providing a source of reference materials proposed accroding to their respective field of knowledge
  • Institutional Repositories
    Providing knowledge resources through research materials written and publish by UiTM Community

  • eBooks
    Providing material resources in digital book form
  • General Reading
    Providing knowledge resources through general reading materials such as religion, motivation, novel, and other related fields
  • Exam Papers
    Providing a source final examination reference materials to assist UiTM's lecterers and students

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